Manga Traders - It requires registration. Their downloads are usually chapters bundled into volumes. (Dead)

Crazy's Manga - It also has a small selection of raw manga. (Dead)

StopTazmo - Doesn't allow manga downloads because no one donated. No DDL here. (Dead)

Rawscans v2 - Raw manga, if you're learning how to read moonrunes. (Dead)


BakaBT - Torrent links for older and/or finished manga. (Private Tracker now)


Gotlurk - Botlist for manga downloads. (Server terminated due to lack of funds and staff.)

Rawdistro - XDCC Packlists for Raws. (Dead)

FTP Edit

Madokami - FTP for scanlations and raw manga downloads. Releases can be updated by users. (Register through the IRC channel #madokami @ and check out READ.txt for more detailed instructions.)

Online readers Edit

Lots and lots of them. Most noticeable is Mangafox Batoto. On Batoto you can easily find latest chapters and names of scanlation groups. (Dead) But there are obvious drawbacks: no licensed manga, hentai, guro or lolicon hosted.

Some more decent readers: Kissmanga, MangaTown , Mangadex (but probably shit) and so on, whichever you might like.

Just stay away from resources that upload downscaled releases and put watermarks on them.

Especially Mangafox. Seriously.


Baka-Updates - Manga Database. Create an account there to keep reading lists that update when a new chapter comes out. Can also be used to create an RSS feed.

Online Manga - A list of manga that's published online.